ODIS Online Geko Login Account 

VW Geko Account(SVM/Immobilizer+Component Protection/DSS+SFD) :  available   (25/hour, 60€/day, 150€/month) 

Audi Geko Account(SVM/Immobilizer+Component Protection/DSS+SFD) :  available    (25€ /hour, 60€/day, 150€/month

Skoda Geko Account(SVM/Immobilizer+Component Protection/DSS+SFD) :  available    (25€ /hour, 60€/day, 150€/month) 

Seat Geko Account(SVM/Immobilizer+Component Protection/DSS+SFD) :  available    (25€ /hour, 60€/day, 150€/month) 

MAN Geko Account(SVM/Immobilizer+Compnent Protection/DSS+SFD):  available    (60€ /hour) 

🆕Bentley Geko Account(SVM/Immobilizer+Compnent Protection/DSS+SFD):  available   (80€/hour)

Lamborghini Online Account(SVM, not available for immobilizer and component protection):  available   (100€/hour)

🔥🔥 5 * 1 Hour Online Account : available   (€125 100€, Saving 20%(Valid 30 days)

💡VW GEKO Online Status >>

 Flash File Database (Update to Oct 2023): available  (10€/file, Free for Geko subscription users)    Free Trial

Radio Decodeavailable   (30/10 codes, 100/40 codes, 200/100 codesFree Trial

Vw Elsapro (Circuit Diagram+Work Manual):  available   (10€/VIN, 80€/month)  Free Trial

ODIS XML Parametrization Files Generatoravailable   (10/file, 80€/month)  Free Trial

SFD Activation Offline Calculationavailable   (10€/code, 80€/month)  Free Trial

Purchase By Contact Whatsapp: +44 7706261946   Facebook: VW GEKO

Payment: Bank Transfer(EUR/GBP/RON/AUD/NZD/TRY/USD/HUF/CAD/CNY), Revolut, IBAN Bank Transfer, Wise, Alipay, Paysera, Paysend, Payoneer, Westunion, Zelle(US), Koronapay(Russia),  Cryptocurrency(USDT), Binance(Used Globally),  ... (Contact us for more payment methods)

Facebook: VW GEKO

Last updated on: 06.19 2024

How to Log in ODIS?

      Geko App download

1. Download the Geko App from above and open it

2. Contact us to purchase to obtain a Geko Code

3. Open ODIS to start diagnosis and go to the login window

4. Copy the Geko Code into the input box and click "Enter"

5. Login successful, the timer counts down from first login

Use VWGEKOCODE as Code for Free Test

Use VWGEKOCODE as Code for Free Test

Attention : ODIS Online login requires a CPN network and account. Using other unstable CPN network or an account with low permissions may cause your online operations to fail, even damage accessories. In order to prevent this problem, we use high-authority accounts and a CPN network with global nodes to help you successfully complete vehicle online diagnosis.

🚫Use of Stolen Parts Prohibited 

Help Center

         Answer: It supports all ODIS(less than ODIS 23.0.4)/ODIS-E versions, support all diagnostic interfaces (VAS5054, VAS6154, Autel, J2354, ... ), support cloned version or cracked version.

         Answer: Yes, it includes CPN, so you don't need to install CPN additionally.

         Answer: Yes, you can purchase in advance then use it at anytime.  Codes don't expire until you use them.

         Answer: Yes, you can use it on any kind of car in VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT. But one hour subscription limit 2 cars, one day subscription limit 3 cars. You do not need to specify the brand when purchasing. (Excluding monthly subscription)

         Answer: Yes, You can use it on a VW and a SKODA, or a VW and an Audi.

         Answer: From your first successful login, not after purchase. Once the countdown starts, it cannot be paused.

         Answer: Our codes do not expire, but for the best experience, we recommend using them within one month of purchase. 

ODIS Common Error Codes

When you use Geko account for online diagnosis, the server may return certain errors. This error is returned by Volkswagen Data Center and we have listed some common error codes and details below:

FAZ2781E This part or cluster/instrument  is locked, please replace it with another one.

FAZ4990E  The part is stolen. 🚫Use of stolen parts is prohibited!

FAZ9484E FAZ9488E This part  or gateway is damaged and cannot be adapted online. 

FAZ2946E The second-hand cluster/instrument does not work, please replace it with a brand new one. 

FAZ1224E There is a problem with the data of the cluster/instrument. Please replace it with a new one.

FAZ1243E There is a problem with the Gateway. Please replace it with a new one.

FAZ1531E The key is already bound to another vehicle.

FAZ1532E Aftermarket spare key,  and the key cannot be used. Please use an original key or order a new key from the dealer. 

FAZ1552E The key has expired. New keys are valid for 90 days.

FAZ9113S There is an issue with the parts. Use our online login to help you identify the problem. 

ERP4711E Account has no permissions. You won't have this error using our account.

FAZ4160E Account blocked.  🚫Using stolen parts results in account being blocked. 

SVM Error Code

About GEKO and SVM

GeKo (Geheimnis und Komponentenschutz) is a function that is available to users with the online connection of the Offboard Diagnostic Information System (ODIS) diagnostic software and enables the learning of immobilizer components (e.g. instrument cluster, engine control unit), keys and component protection (e.g. air conditioning unit, navigation, etc. ) to the vehicle.

SVM (Software Version Management) is another function that is provided with the online connection of the Offboard Diagnostic Information System (ODIS) diagnostic software. This enables process-reliable control unit programming and correct control unit installation. The function also offers support for coding control devices.

Our online account has both GEKO and SVM functions. With the our GEKO System, you can perform special functions as a dealer level below:

* The above functions are included with any of our subscriptions

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